Micro Scooters Indonesia

Micro Luggage
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Case Capacity: 26L
  • Color: Black
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 100kg
  • Wheel Size: 120mm
  • Terrain: Airport, Asphalt

Rushing for a connecting flight? Running and pulling a trolley bag through the airport? Something almost everyone have experienced traveling.
What if I have a scooter with me? Wouldn't it be so much faster and at the same time, more fun?

Introducing the Micro® Luggage, another original innovation from Micro® Mobility, combining the good, old cabin bag (technology by Samsonite) with the best scooter (Micro® Scooter).

The Luggage can be converted into a scooter when the need for speed arises, allowing you to zip through the airport with ease and comfort. And when you have reached your destination, the scooter will fold and you will have a regulation sized cabin bag.

Instead of looking harried, you can travel in style as you can be sure heads will turn.


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