Micro Scooters Indonesia

Mini 3-in-1 (Seat and O-Bar)

Our Mini 3-in-1 took the Toy Awards by storm, winning the Babies and Infants Toy Award and the award for the Traders' Favorite Toy at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and also winning a Gold Medal at the Australian Mother and Baby Awards for the Best Innovation of 2012!

Our much loved Mini Micro can now morph (with a quick change of Seat and O-Bar) and grow through 3 distinct stages, allowing children as young as 1 to feel the fun of scooting while helping them develop and even learn to walk. It is easy to slot the Seat and O-Bar into your Mini Micro base. 

Seat and O-Bar may be sold separately.

  • Suitable for ages 1-3
  • Seats adjustable to 2 different heights
  • Fits your existing Mini Micro base
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