Micro Scooters Indonesia

Why choose Micro?

There are heaps of great reasons why you should choose a Micro® scooter for you and your children. Scooters are a fast, fun, convenient, safe, healthy and eco-friendly way to get around anywhere as a transport tool or just for pleasure.

Micro® are the best choice of scooter because you can rest comfortably knowing that you will be getting a quality product with a full range of spare parts. Ensuring a long and healthy life for your scooter.


FastMicro® scooters are a brilliant way to get around in the open air and much quicker than walking. Your kids will relish the freedom it gives them and you will too. You can cruise through town twice as fast and get to feel the wind in your hair.

The Micro® Maxi


FunOne of the main benefits of Micro® is that all the scooters in our range are a joy to get around on. Once you've experienced how easy a Micro® is to master then you'll never want to choose anything else.

The Mini Micro®


ConvenientScooters are great for your kids, not only to scoot to school or around your neighbourhood, they're convenient for family outings too.
Scooters are also an ideal commuter tool. If you want to scoot to work all you have to do is fold up your scooter, pop it under your desk and you're ready for the day. No chaining your bike outside or changing out of your cycling gear, no hot, sweaty buses and no finding or paying for a carpark.

The Micro® Black


SafeOur scooters are made from only high quality materials with great features like our gap free folding block that doesn't leave space for little fingers to get caught.
Micro® scooters also have 120mm or larger diameter wheels on the front - a safety requirement under European law which most other scooters sold in Indonesia would fail.


Scooting is a fantastic form of low impact exercise. You and your kids can even incorporate other workout techniques into your daily scoot if you want to go the extra mile to get fit.

Eco Friendly

Eco FriendlyOne of the other things we love about scooting is that it's so green. You do not contribute to the pollution and can get out in the fresh air with the only emissions the air from your lungs.

Quality Parts

Micro® uses the highest quality materials, which makes all the difference.

Spare Parts

Only Micro® scooters have a full range of spare parts. Almost all of our parts are screwed together, as opposed to fused, making them easier to replace so we can keep you up and scooting for longer. You can buy spare parts directly from our website and our friendly staff are always happy to provide advice on any repairs.


Micro® wheels are made of premium polyurethane, ShoreA. Better quality polyurethane absorbs the bumps, such as stones on the footpath, making for a more comfortable, safer ride. To see the difference, drop a Micro® wheel and see what happens; there's no rebound like a Micro® wheel.

Plastic Inserts

A small plastic insert between the aluminium tubes may not seem important, but it makes all the difference. By keeping a space between the tubes, it makes for smoother gliding in colder weather, and stops the two aluminium parts from corroding and freezing together in salty air environments.

Rubber end plugs

At the end of the handle bars, rubber plugs protect against injuries from burred edges that develop without the plugs. They also guarantee a longer life for your scooter, because when the scooter falls, it's the plug (not the metal handle bar) that hits the floor. The end plugs protect and preserve your scooter and your hands and floor.

Quality you can eat

The handgrips are made from non-poisonous components. This ensures no dangerous toxins are ingested in the event a child puts the handle bar in their mouth, or swallows a piece of it.

Serial Numbers

Micro® products have a serial number at the front which helps us to locate a scooter if there were ever a problem with the manufacturing process - so we can easily find all scooters concerned.

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